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Super Bug...ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE.. is a very alarming global health problem and considered to be DEADLIER than CANCER by 2050 according to WHO!

Antibiotic Resistance is the ability of microorganisms to withstand the effects of Antibiotics.

We, as Pharmacists - the drug experts and We, as Medical Technologists- Microorganisms/Bacteria experts believe that it is our social obligation to impart this info to everyone we know since numerous deaths have been recorded and reported worldwide.

Example: Methicillin Resistant Strain of Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)Infection - Fatal
**S. aureus is a round-shape bacteria normally found in our nose and skin. It cause infections like Boils (Pigsa), Toxic Shock Syndrome, Food poisoning and etc. It can cause serious infections in the bloodstream.(pwedeng kumalat sa dugo ang infection). MRSA infection is resistant to most antibiotics and is very difficult to treat which can lead to death.

So Please DON'T SELF-MEDICATE. Consult a doctor when you are ill. Ask for Pharmacist's assistance when buying medicines and we will be more willing to offer counselling for free.

There's a reason why antibiotics are classified as Rx / prescription drugs...it must be used only upon the advice of a medical practitioner / doctors. Kasi po may iba't-ibang klase po ng antibiotics at may kanya kanyang uri ito ng mga bacteria/microorganisms na pinupuksa. Hindi po pare-pareho ang gamit ng antibiotics kahit po magkakatunog po ang pangalan nila.
Just so you know, here are some of the different classificatios of Anti-Infectives:
Eg. Amoxicillin (Beta Lactam Drug),Erythromycin (Macrolides), Co-trimoxazole (Sulfonamides), Clindamycin(Lincomycin),Ciprofloxacin (Quinolones), Cefalexin (Cephalosphorin group), Streptomycin(Aminoglycosides), Metronidazole (Antiprotozoal), Ketoconazole (Anti-fungal), Aciclovir(Antiviral), Zidovudine(Anti-HIV)

Kaya po kailangan ng reseta pag bibili nito! Hindi po ito simpleng over the counter drugs na pag may simpleng ubo o sipon ay parang Paracetamol lang na iniinom basta basta at may duration and right dosage po ng pagtake ng antibiotics. It is usually given for at least 1 week. Kaya pag inadvise ng doctor na inumin for 1 week..pls po huwag po natin ihihinto ang pag-inom nito kahit pa akala natin magaling na tayo. what to wear for the sister of groom

Huwag pong magagalit kung hindi po kayo pagbebentahan ng antibiotics pag walang reseta!
Pag hindi ginamit ng wasto ang Antibiotics..sa susunod ay pwedeng hindi na kayo tablan ng mas malalakas at napakamahal na antibiotics at pwedeng mawalan ng lunas ang inyong karamdaman.

MISUSE of Clindamycin (mixed with Eskinol, toners, etc.) - for pimples and pampakinis ng mukha - Very WRong!
Clindamycin concentration as topical solution must be 1% only.
Mild to severe adverse reactions of Clindamycin are: Rashes, Nausea & Vomiting, Vaginal Itch, Joint Pains, Pseudomembranous Colitis, Jaundice, Steven Johnson Syndrome

Penicillin/ Amoxicillin - ibubudbod sa sugat para mabilis gumaling - very wrong!

At marami pang nakakatawang maling kaugalian natin sa paggamit ng antibiotics.

Clindamycin / Amoxicillin are in the form of capsule - an ORAL Dosage Form- intended to be taken by mouth... kaya nga oral eh. And not to be used as topical like ointments or cream.

I am calling all my colleagues in the medical and allied medical fields to educate our patients and people regarding the risks of antibiotics misuse. Let us help in creating awareness re Antibiotic Resistance and be more vigilant as we fight against this major and pandemic health issue.

Pics - 1. Eskinol + Clindamycin
2. Severe Side Effect of Clindamycin: Pseudomembranous Colitis ( An Antibiotic associated infection caused by Clostridium difficile in the Colon)