what items to wear in the prom for tall ladies

Do you know what makes me really sad?

That I don't have CINNAMON Essential Oil to couple with this stunning PEPPERMINT!!!

3 drops of CINNAMON with 3 drops of PEPPERMINT in a capsule 3 times a day could have absolutely changed my day on so many occasions.


Let's talk symptoms and why you'd need these capsules.

- chronic fear of urinating coupled with an uncontrollable urge to urinate
- your sex life means that unless you make sure you pee straight after it you're not walking the next day and NO not because it was that good, because the 'make sure you pee after sex' fairies are arseholes. what items to wear in the prom for tall ladies
-wiping the wrong way is a HUGE issue (please listen to me growing girls I don't care how hard it is to wipe forward just do it)

Get me?

Time to be keeping CINNAMON and PEPPERMINT in the medicine cabinet!

I know you need these ones!!

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