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Today my stomach, where I told the doctor at medical center was hurting, became swollen. Extremely tender to touch and I was in a ton of pain, and vomiting. I called my specialist and medical center never told them I was there for five days like they were suppose too. That also lets me know, they most likely never asked for my scans. As y'all know, the doctor at SAMC discharged me Monday with no answers, no diagnosis and told me to rest in bed and take medicine ever four hour vintage style items to wear of the prom ... s. So, I called my specialist office today, told them about the swelling, pain and how I was vomitting....they told me go to er, I came to Flowers. They did blood work and scans. And we FINALLY have answers!!

I have bileary obstruction, my liver is severely inflammed, so much that my stomach where liver is, is swollen. Doctor here said he was very shocked I wasn't yellow.

Medical center should have never let me go home & should have treated me better and they would have caught this. This could be dangerous and deadly. And they should have never stopped IV medicine. But. They did.

Tonight, I came to er after specialist office said too. And, I was admitted. Amazing, they do blood work and scans and get me answers. I do not know how long I will be in here, I know at least until surgery day--Yep, you read that right, I need to have another surgery. Which may possibly be tomorrow. They may keep me after surgery to observe not sure yet.

Thank you for the continued prayers! We are hoping this is the final fix!

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