not expensive wedding wears for summer

March 30, 2019: - Here's a story showing thru Netflix: - Angela's christmas story and her christmas story "A BABY IN A MANGER" =) : - MAYBE A HISTORY OF TELECOMMUICATIONS: - During the days, we don't know how to send messages to people never reachable by correspondences. We have such things like believe in Make Believe of Dungeons and Dragons, the Articles of War, Crime & Punishment. From Pony Express to perhaps Dogs Playing Fetch or Sending Messages like Owls, Doves or Can ... ary Birds. At 5 years old, my pup dog or puppy in our home was a breed that was the 1st German Shepherd instead of a Tagalog pet dog, a Philippine breed and hybrid dog as doggie guardian of mine. Sometimes, a Marie Antoinette is hard to pass up who wants to borrow my puppy dog. The other days, they were from the Mona Lisa house a few blocks away suddenly. Such a wonderful dog and an in demand dog to have to play with. He has been always playful with me, myself per se. The breed I used to play with as a young pre-school student, whom I call my Brown Snoopy who loves my backyard filled with orange plants that can be tall as trees, dubbed as only Birds of Paradise in the year 2000s, which tree plants has now been hybrid here in my country. I remember always needing to help a young girl also finish his diary and a few notebooks for her history, Anne and Sophia / Sofia. {Note: This must be for my own contribution for them to be immortalized within Wonderland areas such as theme parks and theme attraction settings and places. From Wonderland Office - Creo by Lady Katutz (CBLK-cblk) as their Ambassador for the Storybook characters needed from the Scrapbook Legends (Disneyland Resorts and Theme Attraction and Universal Studios in many countries, here's good luck and here goes.) not expensive wedding wears for summer
- Kathleen Margaret Charity B. Hernandez (Kath Hernandez)
- Wonderland Office ambassador from: Lady Katutz Photography (LKP) & Let's Get Scrappy (LGS)
- Creo by Lady Katutz (cblk), March 30, 2019.

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