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The most common type of hair is non-Remy hair. Non-remy hair is basically hair that is sourced from fallen hair where the roots and the tips are mixed up. Tangling is a common problem in this kind of hair. Since this hair is very inexpensive, most hair suppliers in the world deal with non-Remy hair. Tangle-free Non Remy Hair is also available in which the cuticles at the end of the hair are shaved off. This reduces friction and therefore prevents hair tangling. non traditional wedding dresses

... Single Drawn non-Remy hair has a 2 inch difference in the tips of the hairs. Whereas, in Double drawn non-Remy hair, all the hairs are of the same length and it is considered a higher quality of hair.

Picture showing are 6A grade virgin remy ( Real virgin hair) Just remember not everyone who say, 6A, 7A or whatever is really sending you a higher grade of hair.. infact many sellers are sending same old 5A other wise know as real 3A or 4A original virgin hair before they change the name to 5A .. etc..

Our grade system are not only made up of high grades but also of hair from different regions so you can be sure your getting a higher grade for sure when you order 6A+...

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