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# most_attractive_facial_shape

The definition of what seems attractive varies from person to person. Women have quite different opinions of what features determined their attractiveness and these opinions differs from those given by men about women. Certain people focus on the shape of the face, while others tend to concentrate on the body curves. The personality of a person also helps determining their attractiveness, but this article many focuses on the different maternity wears for wedding at affordable price ... physical features of women for finding the most attractive face shape. Let us take a look at the common types of face shapes to find out the most attractive face shape.
OVAL: women with oval face shape have a face length which is 1.5 times the size of its width. Their fore head is a little wider than their chin.
ROUND: if you have a round face shape, then you have chubby cheeks and your race width and length would be almost equal.
SQUARE: women with a square face shape have a very prominent jawline and a square shaped Chin. Their fore head have a similar width.
OBLONG(RECTANGLE): characterized by a slightly longer face length. Women with oblong face do not have wider faces and their chins is pointy as well.
HEAR(TRIANGLE): characterized by wide cheek bones and fore head, pointy chins and narrow jawline.
DIAMOND: characterized by a narrow jawline and fore head with quite wide cheek bones.
PEAR(TRAPEZOID): characterize by a wider jawline than your fore head and a broad chin.
People with oblong and square face shapes have broad and beautiful smiles, which is why they have the most attractive face shape. In Asia, people admire the V-shaped or heart face because it makes one look slim


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