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January 17 will be here very soon!
As we prepare our new focus, going to one formal meeting a month, more studio time and a return to photo shoots and outings, our excitement is growing!

The first meeting will be more of an information sharing session about the new vision and how you can get involved.

Matt Corsaro, owner of Focus On, will take us on a tour of the studio, filled with state of the art equipment and lots of props.

Michael Jack, Indiana Director for the Photographic Society of America (PSA), will tell you about this wonderful and engaging group and all it has to offer...for ALL levels of photographers. I am personally excited about the fact PSA is putting a lot more emphasis on "newbies". There has been a very nice page for beginners for a good while, but they're expanding and offering mentoring, classes, videos, and more. You will want to be sure to hear this from Michael, who is a very accomplished professional photographer and resides here in Indianapolis. long wedding guest dresses

Heather Ziliak has been a long-time member...once heading our photo shoots. She's taken on this role again...I am so thrilled! And we're bringing back outings too (this is a photo shoot where you join the group at some type eaterie or have a cookout or something along with the photo shoot....usually a pretty full-day event).

Michael Pollock has been working on a NEW website for us. We're going to be dropping Meetup, which has been a pain for me for the past several years - since Meetup was purchased by another company who made drastic changes. The NEW site will have many of the same features as the old, but will be 100% more user friendly. We plan to include a blog(s) and more on this website. We want it to provide you with resources, a place to ask questions, etc.

Carter Keith, who has been in business as a professional photographer for several years is developing another website for us that will provide us with marketing opportunities. Of course, Carter will be listing his own businesses: Weddings and Trash the Dress and other areas. This will be for anyone (members) who wish to list their photographic services. On this site, we also will be featuring a Buy, Sell, and Trade section.

And, we will have 4 hours at Focus On (5 - 9 pm once a month). We have 2 hours blocked out for our meeting but may take that to 1.5 hours, which will provide more studio time.

Certain rules will pertain to our use of the Studio on these evenings. This will be time for members only and not open to the general public. This will also not be open for guests...strictly for membes only. Guests may attend two meetings, but no studio time.

Active members of the Hamilton County Photo Club are not considered guests, but are "extended members". If a member of this club is an active member (having attended a minimum of 6 meetings over the past year, they will be able to take part in the studio time the same as IMUPC members..

Anyone who is NOT a member, but wants to join, dues are $30/year. If you are an existing IMUPC member, you will maintain your status and be grandfathered in the new program.

Models are considered guests of individual photographers, who are responsible for them. They are welcome to attend the Meeting/Studio night for a $25 fee, which can be split amongst those who plan to use the model. They will not be able to attend Free at this studio night. This evening is more for learning and practicing amongs peers.

An additional 4-hour block can be arranged that can include models and be used for business purposes, etc.. There must be a minimum of 4 members with a max of 10. Models can be brought at no extra charge to the club at that time. Cost for each member for a 4 hour block is $15 for 4-6 members; $10 for 7-10 members. You will be going thru me for this, not Matt.

Gaynel Bryan, who many of you know as the one who founded IMUPC, has agreed to be in charge of "snacks" for our meetings. Your suggestions are welcomed. If you want to help with this, please let me or Gaynel know. Remember, food and drink cannot be in the studios themselves and must be conained in the rooms provided.

We are very blessed to be offered this great studio for our meetings. Let's be respectful and keep it picked up and clean.

I hope to see many of you at our first meeting (and hope more). Please feel free to bring a guest.

For this first meeting ONLY, we wlll allow guests to attend the Studio Time after the meeting....not before.

We are in the process of writing the Rules, which can be modified. Please voice your concerns and questions directly to me via email: cthomps4@live.com