long black evening dresses

... # black man's # survival tactics in # europe ...
#1: though long beards are fashionable today, they may earn you more suspicious stares than the admiring winks you hoped for... so chop them off maza maza, quick, quick!
#2: if you are standing or even sitting among a large crowd and someone shouts "bomb!", they are not appreciating your "sex bomb" qualities...,so biko, please DON'T bring out your comb to dress your Afro!, and, if you see people running like mad bulls, DON'T run like them, chances are that, in a bomb and security-scared europe, you may be gunned down (jungle justice style...) as a "suspect terrorist"...so, move sideways, find a column of a building, put your hands behind your head and wait for the wahala to die down. then look for the nearest olopa (policeman) and explain in simple words like "oga, i swear, dis thing wey de show for my trouser no be amu-nation and DON'T you ever pronounce the word "sex bomb!...to be continued... long black evening dresses