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i stoped elder abuse yesterday i was someones hero for a min. a white haired east indian elder who was about to be abused by a white drunk yelling and raising his fist to hit the stranger he was demanding money from to buy booze.

in retrospect i should have called police instead of using my body as i could have been stabbed or something but i didnt think of that. it was fight or flight and i acted on impulse rather than introspect.

the white guy was making fun of the elder in brod daylight. talking at him in an apu from the simpsons accent. the elder looked afraid and said i dont even know you a coupple times while other people walked past... this elder must have been eaisly in his 70 s .

i stoped walking to easedrop as this white guy was ovbously fucking racist and dangerous by the way he was pounding on his cheast trying to intimidate this poor man !. why was nobody doing anything!?
the elder tried to get away and each time he would move to a different location on the street the fucking nazi would follow him intagonizing him. he was saying over a few times whats wrong old man are you afraid of me? while ovbiously trying to scare him. then he raised his fist and was about to knock his victum out.

i shoved raven under a fence, droped my bags and jumped over the concreate devider at the seniours home all the elders there really coulnt help their friend as they had walkers and were in wheelchairs. fuckn what is wrong with people today god i was so fucking pissed off i even had dreams about really beating this man all night lastnight. items for bride of pregnant to wear in wedding

i threw my body right in frount of the elder who had his hand up to protect his face.

and i let the nazi have all my rage . you fucking white nazi!!i am sick of people like you! i told him. You will not be abusing any elders in frount of me or my child! get the fuck out of hear before i beat your ass infrount of everybody. or do you hit women too you peice of shit??

thats right youll say ok ok ok and fucking leave .

how could any one just walk up and start picking on a elder make fun of his accent and raise his fist to strike him down...??

i am seriously loosing faith in halifax.

the stranger elder huged me and said thanks and told me to please keep an eye on that bad man.
aw broke my heart to see him shaking with anziety from the attack.

not one male paserby stoped so i had to do something . do not insult me by saying i cant hold my own as good as a man in a fight just because i have a vagina and boobs. no police around suprisingly. but the building security guard came out took discription.. called po po etc.

a ways down the street by joes convience store they said he was just in there and was kicked out too for being intoxicated.

drempt about it all night. ugh i hope the cops found that ass before her robbed or hurt any other elders.