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For verification of our reporting and sources, please find below emails and documentation from Director of TB and Burcellosis Programs for BOAH, and DNR Deer Biologist. Despite what old Deer Groups have on their forums, there has NEVER BEEN A WHITETAIL DEER <Wild or Captive> test positive in the surveillance area. Please be sure of your information source, and make sure they can back it up, and are not promoting their own agendas.


I have attached a summary I did on ... the TB testing and results for the 2009 cervid TB incident.
I hope this helps clarify the numbers and species involved.


James H. Hollis, D.V.M.
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Hey Gary,

I've copied Jim Hollis from BOAH on this in case my details are incorrect.

The positive cervids from this area were red deer. The owner did have some other species (fallow deer and a few sika deer), but I cannot recall if those were tested or the results because once they began finding the positives in the first groups that were tested (which were the red deer), the farm was slated for depopulation. We did find a couple of white-tailed deer inside the fence, but I believe those were not intentionally there. I believe those tested out as negative or were not tested because of shot placement. informal casual wears for a beach wedding

We have not had a positive white-tailed deer either wild or captive in Indiana.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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