formal items of the mature ladies to wear

I don't do jeers but I am going to say this. I had been seeing on FB about couple shops in town that would pay you outright for clothing. So I decided to clean out my closet and had over 100 pieces and carried them over. Now this was nice stuff some fresh from dry cleaners. Only to be told that only buy young people styles. They actually only accept 1 item. These were dress clothes that could be worn to office jobs and church. Do they really think we have no professional jobs out there that ladies would not buy something nice that came from Dillard's at a reduced price. Not everyone can afford to pay high prices just because they work in a place that requires a dress code. And many women still wear dresses to church. I did donate the clothes to a place for homeless but disappointed to look around and see these stores had nothing to offer older ladies. Kinda tells me that baby boomers are as many Veterans... What we feel, need, or want is not important. We full filled our purpose for you but now you are what matter. Just had to get this off my chest and I know I will probably get negative comments but maybe some one will put in a shop for the mature age group as I was kindly informed. Lol I thought being called ma'am was making me feel old but mature age group was the pits lol formal items of the mature ladies to wear