floral print bridesmaid dresses

on the 15th of every month, i always do something kayla would do. it’s usually something little, like paint my nails or get a cup of coffee, but maybe one of these days i’ll do something big like adopt a pup! because i don’t think anything would’ve made her happier. something else that made kayla happy was the color blue. we designed her bridal shower around mom’s beautiful blue & white fabric tablecloth that she requested. she picked blue as the color of her bridesmaid dresses and she asked mom to sprinkle in little blue buds into her floral arrangements. she also had this beautiful blue scarf that showed up on multiple occasions & ended up being a part of so many favorite moments of ours. that’s what inspired this pair of prints: “kayla’s scarf” & “dan’s shirt” — because one was never without the other. floral print bridesmaid dresses # perfectpair # nomatterofmiles @alpinerose_co