fall 2019 wedding dresses

1 When a guy doesn't love you anymore you will hear things like ... baby why did you step on my shadow ? Do you want to injure my spirit ? It's over please!.

2. Slim ladies are beautiful the problem come when she is pregnant, she looks like python that has swallowed a goat...

3. It is only in a Nigeria movie that you will see cassava plant in an Evil forest. Who planted the cassava??
Do spirit plant cassava too??

4. Using a public toilet without lock is really annoying, Anytime you hear footsteps you have to either sing, clear your throat or use your leg to wedge the door for them to know that you are inside.

5. My Brother you wear one boxer for seven days and you clean your chair before you seat down in church ? I have nothing to tell you Bro...... But what is really ur purpose in life??

6. Some people don’t have the spirit of forgiveness at all, how can u sweep your room and use your Ex’ picture as parker…

7. Everyone has a right to be foolish but some idiots use it stupidly.
Teacher: Mention 10 wild animals
Student: 5lions. 5tigers. . . . . .

8. Small Apple � Is Now #100.. Something The Serpent Gave Eve For Free.... I hate rubbish

9. Na for Nigeria you fit win Aeroplane by loading #200 MTN Recharge Card.
Very soon Etisalat go say recharge #200 and win a big ship.
Then Airtel go com follow sey, recharge #100 an win benin republic.
Glo, go just just say… Recharge 500 and win Nigeria because their colour na Green

10. Ladies imagine walking into heaven & the kids you aborted shouts. "Angel Gabriel..!! na she be that..! See her see her!!! Na she b dat!!!!

11. In Naija movies, the poor boys always meet the rich man's daughter by the road side and repair her car and they later fall in love.
I have been standing by our village roadside and no car got spoiled. Are this people fooling us?

12. That moment you are struggling for food at a Naija wedding and mistakenly disconnected the speaker wire with your leg.
Now all eyes are on you. You will just realise that you have belle full under 3 seconds.

13. Forehead kisses are how Nigeria girls absorb all the sense from your brains. GUYS BEWARE!!.

14. It's only in NIGERIA people will knock on your door and still uses their mouth to do "ko-ko-ko"
Nigerians.... But Y?

15.Short guys with bald head will be looking like 'ROLL ON'... And slim girls with big head will be looking like frying pan... CHISOS whose shadow did i just see?? I know my people

16. You Ladies that Normally watch�Korean, Philippians or Indian Movie and see a lady in an angry mood slaps her man and the man tries to kiss her to cool her brain down........
Because of that..... you went and slap ur Nigerian boyfriend who has not eaten since last night.....
Wait Am coming �������
Let me go and price wheel chair for you

17. I thought I have seen it all until I saw her eating eba with hand glove..chai!!!
Nobody,I repeat nobody should hold me let me just faint.

18. When we were growing up they used to tell us that education is the key to success, now we have that key only to find out that the government has changed the padlock. What rubbish

19. Nigerian cockroaches are really amazing nowadays.. How do they survive in microwaves?? You will be warming your food and you will see them walking inside the microwave like Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego

YOUTH GOSSIP (this group)will be celebrating it's one year anniversary on the 17th of December 2018 that's why we brought you the contest tagged===WHO ADDED YOU TO YOUTH GOSSIP === in the ANNOUNCEMENT of the group ABOVE with the aim of thanking those that helped one way or the other in the growth of YOUTH GOSSIP. fall 2019 wedding dresses
It's also an award ? giving day

It gonna be fun
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Time :7pm till dawn
Date:17th Dec 2018

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I was lyk aunty shift lemme die....

21. You stay in a single room but we see you posting “feeling asleep with 39 others”
My friend where will those 39 people sleep? On your roof abi ☹️

22. Please, if you are 50 years and above ,you must leave facebook, we can’t be liking your pics, your children’s pics� and your grandchildren pics. Data bundle is too expensive.

23.Consequences of dating someone who is too much of an alcoholic:While sleeping ? next to him, he bites your ear at 2am only to find out he had a dream of opening a bottle of star

24. Nooo u guys should lemme alone let me kill this boy. How can my brother just go to Ghana on September and come back telling me it is not God, it is Gad?? I DON'T TOLERATE RUBBISH...

25. U've been wondering why ur mum's prayer isn't working... Y will it work wen the woman is praying for Ngozi Okorie, and u turned Ur name to CreamBerry, Quin Ngobaby, etc... Don't blame the woman abeg

26. There's nothing scarier than using the toilet at your crush's place and it refuses to flush. You'll just be staring at your poo like. . . Please go, i'm begging you in the name of God, just go. . . .

27. I'm in a bus right now and someone just said the founder of facebook is Bill Gates. I am just waiting for my turn to faint because we're fainting according to seat no.
28. We Could Have Been In 2019 By Now If Not For All Those Fat Girls Walking Slowly..