edgy style wears for prom and formal party

From Anonymous: "I've been suffering with yellowish non odor discharge since March, nurse took swabs at original appt with no probs. It shows a uti and a little thrush. Took medication for this but the discharge continued. A couple of weeks later I started getting really heavy bleeding and clotting. The dr said it was just my period, prescribed me yet more thrush treatment and sent me on my way. Bleeding and discharge continued so I went back. This time when they tried to ta ... ke more swabs and check my cervix the bleeding was so bad she couldn't do it. Prescribed me some tablets to stop the bleeding and i went back a few days later. They tried again and the same thing happened. They then said the tablets didn't work because it wasn't a hormonal issue. I was referred for an urgent gynocologist appt which I had yesterday with an ultrasound. Had a colposcopy and they can def feel something on my cervix (she said it was quite large) and that it didn't feel like fibroids. Have been referred for an MRI on Tuesday and awaiting the results on the ultrasound. After speaking the the nurse who originally took the swabs she told me my cervix appeared fine when I first went in March. Has anyone else had something similar to happen so quickly? Last smear test was sept 2015 and all fine. X" edgy style wears for prom and formal party

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