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When I mention my son has Growth hormone deficiency and requires GH replacement it's not uncommon for someone to question that. I have heard things from, "Cant you just feed him better?" to "Has he tried meditation."
I think because people illegally use Growth Hormone for working out and body building that it is viewed as not necessary. However not making enough of it can have some very obvious side effects. The picture on the left was taken right before Growth Hormone repla ... cement. Alexander was under the 1st percentile in height. His endocrinologist noticed immediately upon meeting him that his face was infantile looking and it hadn't matured the way a normal 6 year old's would. His voice was so high that kids at school used to remark on it. It sounded like Alvin The Chipmunk, adorable at the time but as he grew I knew that isn't a desirable feature for a boy to have. He also is wearing a brace on his arm from the second bone break as his bones were becoming more and more brittle, even a trip over his foot caused his arm to break. On the right side is a picture of Alexander just a 3 months after taking Growth Hormones!!! What a transformation. chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

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