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I'm on my second IUD and I'm always happy to see info and videos like this. I like how they show how the IUD is inserted in this video.

I've been on all kinds of birth control since I was 14. And I've always suffered from excruciating cramps every month. When I was a teenager and anytime
I haven't been on progesterone, I often have to take days off to cope with the pain. Many of them were incredibly awful and painful experiences. It's so upsetting and frustrating that findin ... g the right birth control for many is a process of hit or miss that can go on for years on end.

The first pill I was on (ortho-tri-cyclin) made me have intense crying spells and severe depressive episodes. Within 3 days of getting off the pill, I felt amazing.

The next two pills I tried made me incredibly nauseous to the point of throwing up nearly every time and not being able to keep them down.

Around 18/19 I got on the depo shot or "the shot you get in your butt" - If I remember correctly the shot was every 6 months and I was on it for about 2 years. Later I'd find out it had scary long term effects like calcium depletion if taken for much longer. While effective it took me over a YEAR to get my period back.

In 2008 I decided to get the copper IUD. I will never forget that I had THREE women in the room for insertion. One to do the procedure, one in training, and one to hold my hand. It was incredibly painful and my cramps afterwards lasted for weeks! But it was the best birth control I'd experienced yet, no emotional spells, no vomiting. Unfortunately it was a return to my regular high intensity cramps. budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

Within the last year (and coming close to the 10 year mark) I felt this consistent feeling that I didn't want my IUD in my body anymore. Something felt "off" and then a few weeks later it came out, completely painlessly. It felt like my body said "were done with this" and released it.

I'm now on the Mirena IUD and am just now getting to a point (7 months after insertion) where my cycle is becoming regular. The process this time was much more painful than I remember and the cramps post procedure lasted months on and off along with constant bleeding.

I share all of this not to merely "over share" but to open a dialogue about our experiences with birth control. It's something we don't talk about enough and even just reading about it can raise awareness.

I hope there's a day sooner than later when the process of finding a comfortable BC doesn't take over 15 years (as it's been in my case).

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