black and white of the wedding

In 6 days we'll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary! As a gift to ourselves, I am ordering these 15 unisex perfume oil samples we can both enjoy from a company that makes amazing blends. I am super excited! Better get to work on a new perfume oil cabinet!

Ragnar Viking perfume oil: Cedar, pine, fir, bergamot, vetiver, leather accord, spiced red musk with background notes of lavender, ocean, and sandalwood. This is a sexy, woodsy and deep unisex fragrance that borders on the masculine side and is balanced in notes.

Lagertha Viking perfume oil: Amber, Balsam, Heliotrope, Dark Woods, Lingonberry and Rosemary. This is a woodsy and earthy unisex fragrance with a touch of fruit and borders on the feminine side of the scale.

Sylvan Night Perfume Oil: Feel your feet running fleetly through the dark fragrant forest. You leave a lovely trail of vetiver, oakmoss, and musk behind you. Let them catch you if they can.

Crone's Woods: Cedarwood, cinnamon bark, firewood, clove, wood honey, guggal incense, pimento, wengue wood, rosewood, vetiver, and dark amber, rounded out with touches of dry leaves, cinnamon leaf, dark oak, benzoin, nutmeg and dark evening florals. The scent is unisex, dark, woodsy, earthy, smoky, mysterious and slightly intimidating! Wear if you dare! black and white of the wedding

Oberon: the essence of rich teakwood, green oakmoss, sensual gaharu wood, accented with hints of citrus, and wisps from a midnight oakwood fire. A very sensual unisex scent

Jack in the Green: main notes of oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli. This is a very earthy and green scent. Unisex tending towards masculine.

Silvan Prince: This is an earthy, green and woodsy scent that is fresh and unisex with a slight exotic note....clean, green and a bit otherworldly... just like an Elf!
Main notes are: Tall majestic ancient forests, trailing tendrils of ivy, galbanum, coriander, and mysore sandalwood.

Silvan King: A very complex, delicious unisex scent reminiscent of a dark woodland realm with a touch of smokiness and spice. Main notes of: Amber, vetiver, hickory wood, coriander, saffron, peppercorn, wood honey, dark vanilla, sandalwood and very light notes of mandarin and jasmine.

Dragon's Orb: Rich white amber, vetiver and softer greens evoke the beauty and earthiness of the gem, while spicy black pepper, juniper berries, several mysterious resin notes and herbs attest to the darkness of the dragon. A unisex scent that is spicy and warm, with a unique coolness on the dry down.

Shayne's Blend: Arabian sandalwood, clove, a blackened vanilla, and more resins and spices to heighten the warmth of the dry down. Spicy, sexy, warm and unisex.

Goblin in the Gears: This mischievous, inventive blend consists of anise and blood orange, spiked with warm vanilla and a touch of soft sandalwood.

Pirate's Keg: Bay rum, rich leather, wild musk, and a shot of coconut and lime. A delicious unisex scent!

Pieces of Eight: Dark patchouli, leather, Kaffir Lime, old wood, and labdanum waft about on the breezes of fresh ocean air.

Highland Mists: Oakmoss, smoked peat, heather, woods, ozone, amber and background notes of musk and cedar. It is unisex tending slightly towards the feminine.

Midnight Sugar: Pure, dark sweetness. This Unisex scent is a darker blend with a sugary base of Turbinado Sugar Crystals and Sugared Black Amber. The sweet is tempered by notes of Dark Woods, Tangy Plump Blackberries, and a touch of Spice and Bergamot.

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