1940s vintage inspire wedding wears

What do you mean you don't put your kids to sleep then walk around and eat ice cream in your wedding dress?
Ok well I don't do it every night....
but here's my thoughts on it.
why do we spend thousands of dollars on these extravagant dresses to wear for one day?
Why do we pay hundreds of dollars to shove them in a box and hope in 20 years our daughter will love them, when we all know they will think it is the most hideous thing they've ever seen.... ...
I let Sloane play dress up in it....
I hang it in my closet and see it every day as a constant reminder of how beautiful the day we got married was.
I see it and think of the dance floor that was built out of wood from the barn I grew up in.
I see it and smile at all the love we have in our life.
How thankful I was all our friends and family stepped in and helped us have the most beautiful afternoon and night.
I look at my wedding dress and become thankful and humbled that out of all the fish in the sea he picked me.
I see my wedding dress and remember the moment my mom, mother in law, sister in laws
And I were all in tears when I stepped out in it.
I look at my wedding dress and think how there was a tiny human in there with me when I wore it the first time that I can only hope she grows up playing dress up in it.
Yeah, I probably should have it shoved in a box for Sloane to say "I'm not wearing that it's ugly" in 20 years. But instead we're going to enjoy it and cherish the moments it's brought. It constantly reminds me why I got married in the first place on those days I want to run away. (And it wasn't to just wear a pretty dress and have a fun party) we had a cheap wedding I think my dress was the most expensive part. Because I'm a firm believer it's not about what you spend the whole point of a wedding is to celebrate the love two people share. You can have a huge wedding and a small marriage. But I hoped and prayed that Our wedding stayed small and wed have a huge love filled marriage 1940s vintage inspire wedding wears ?? ?? no it's not our anniversary or anything special I just booked 2 weddings today and it always weighs hard on my heart when girls only stress over having a huge wedding and everything being perfect. I always want to say something but I feel as their hairdresser sometimes it's not my place to say what I really am thinking! So here's to this crazy married life may we all walk around our messy finger print covered houses in our wedding dress!

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